I. bill bill 1 [bɪl] noun [countable]
1. ACCOUNTING a list showing how much you have to pay for services or goods received; = INVOICE:

• big companies that fail to settle their bills with smaller businesses on time

• The government will no longer foot the bill (= pay the bill ) if banks run into difficulty.

bill for

• The average bill for electricity is £270 a year.

ˈdue bill ACCOUNTING
an amount of money that is owed:

• Its shares have been trading on the basis of one share of stock plus a `due bill' of $4 since July 3.

past ˈdue bill ACCOUNTING
an amount of money that should already have been paid:

• The company said it will propose a plan to pay substantially all past due bills owed to smaller vendors.

ˈwage bill also wages bill ACCOUNTING
the total amount of money that a company or organization pays to its employees:

• One third of the total of government spending is the wage bill of the public sector.

2. a list showing how much you have to pay for food you have eaten in a restaurant; = check AmE:

• We finished coffee and asked for the bill.

3. LAW a written proposal for a new law:

• The wording of the bill was vague.

• Democrats met earlier this month to draft (= write ) a new tax bill.

• The senate has passed a bill (= voted for one and made it law ) to reform the social security system.

— see also Finance Bill

• A dollar bill costs 3.2 cents to produce.

6. FINANCE a form of borrowing for short periods of time
ˈTreasury bill also ˈT-bill, ˈgovernment bill FINANCE
a form of borrowing for short periods of time by a government:

• Three-month Treasury bills now yield less than 4%.

• an auction of short-term US government bills

  [m0] II. bill bill 2 verb [transitive]
to send a bill to someone saying how much they owe; = INVOICE:
bill somebody for something

• They billed the Air Force for the work that they had carried out.

* * *

   A short-term debt instrument with a maturity usually no longer than two years, although terminology varies from country to country. Bill is often a shorthand reference to Treasury bills, which are short-term government debt. Medium-term debt instruments are notes and longer-term instruments are bonds. In some markets a note has a maturity of two to five years and a bond has a maturity longer than five years, but usage varies.

* * *

bill UK US /bɪl/ noun [C]
COMMERCE, FINANCE, ACCOUNTING a document showing how much money you owe for goods or services you have received: bill for sth »

a bill for $10,000

big/huge/hefty, etc. bill (for sth) »

The company faces a hefty bill for repairs after the storm.

pay/settle a bill »

I don't have the money to pay this gas bill.

monthly/quarterly/weekly bill »

They can afford their monthly bills for basics such as food and housing but have little left for luxuries.

pay/pick up a bill »

The firm picked up the bill for him to be flown by executive jet to Edinburgh.

cut/reduce a bill »

We need to find ways of reducing our energy bills.


If you prefer you can request an itemized bill and get a list of every call you have made.


gas/phone/tax, etc. bill

See Note INVOICE(Cf. ↑invoice)
foot the bill — Cf. foot the bill
UK (US check) COMMERCE a piece of paper given to you when you have finished eating at a restaurant, showing how much money you owe: »

""Could we have the bill please?""

pick up the bill »

Don't worry. I'll pick up the bill.

GOVERNMENT, LAW a formal statement of a planned new law that is discussed before being voted on: »

The bill became law in April.

amend/pass a bill »

They soon realized that they didn't have enough votes to pass the bill.

US MONEY BANKNOTE(Cf. ↑banknote)
BILL OF EXCHANGE(Cf. ↑bill of exchange)
See also BACKED BILL(Cf. ↑backed bill), BANK BILL(Cf. ↑bank bill), COMMERCIAL BILL(Cf. ↑commercial bill), DISCHARGED BILL(Cf. ↑discharged bill), DISCOUNTED BILL(Cf. ↑discounted bill), DOCUMENTS-AGAINST-ACCEPTANCE BILL(Cf. ↑documents-against-acceptance bill), DOCUMENTS-AGAINST-PAYMENT BILL(Cf. ↑documents-against-payment bill), DUE BILL(Cf. ↑due bill), ELIGIBLE BILL(Cf. ↑eligible bill), FINE TRADE BILL(Cf. ↑fine trade bill), NON-PRIME BILL(Cf. ↑non-prime bill), PERIOD BILL(Cf. ↑period bill), SIGHT BILL(Cf. ↑sight bill), TERM BILL(Cf. ↑term bill), TIME BILL(Cf. ↑time bill), TRADE BILL(Cf. ↑trade bill), TREASURY BILL(Cf. ↑Treasury bill), USANCE BILL(Cf. ↑usance bill), WAGE BILL(Cf. ↑wage bill)
Compare INVOICE(Cf. ↑invoice)
bill UK US /bɪl/ verb [T]
to send someone a bill telling them how much money they owe for goods or services that they have received: bill sb for sth »

The law firm had billed its clients for more than 400 hours.

to describe sth as being sth: bill sth as sth »

The new technology is being billed as ""the email of the future"".

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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